Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Sfgirlbybay is one of my favourite blogs & i won't hesitate to label it 'immensely inspirational' for the lot of us who are nuts about interior design. Here's sharing with you some of my favourite finds. Will let the pictures do the talking or else i risk sounding too gushy about my mad love for this blog!

If you guessed it right, i'm a coward when it comes to colours & this gravely upsets me. Don't get me wrong, i do love colours (who doesn't?) but when we get into the topic of the bold, the bright & the gaudy, i typically freak out. To add hurt to the injury, i awfully adore white. So i tend towards the soft & the pastel.

I'm not worrying too much now. Of late, i've been on a mission to educate myself about colours & i can already feel myself coming out of my shell bit by bit everyday.
With the help of my favourite blogs of course.

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