Monday, December 27, 2010

25 Years Of Christmas

Hello! Hope everyone had a loving Christmas weekend! Just wanted to share this sweet & adorable compilation video of two siblings growing up getting filmed by their dad every year, coming down the stairs on Christmas morning. No words can amount to this sweetness.

Smitten much?

Parenthood is so beautiful! I get a little upset (not to be too emotionally involved in matters that do not, in any way, concern me) when i see parents not exactly embracing parenthood as a whole. By that i mean, not migrating into a completely new lifestyle that equates to 'me=family' & 'no I in We' (sorry just had to add some Ja Rule into there). In other words, 'my kids are kind of a barrier or baggage in my life'. Or 'i'm juggling parenthood and having a life'. That's unfair. Come on now!

It's so refreshing to see videos like this. This hell of a daddy must love being a parent so much, i figured. It reminds me that having a life can always mean awesome family activities, adventures, travel, & learning. I'm not saying zero ME time, i'm saying these kids probably have more to offer than you trying to live in an evidently false youth.

In my humble opinion, for as much as most parents think they're sculpting the lives of their children, i'd like to challenge & say they do just as much for their parents. Think: #AgingGracefully #Wisdom #ExcuseForBeingAKidAgain. Very charming!

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