Thursday, December 23, 2010

Keep Calm, Carry On.

Reeling from an awful, awful day. This week hasn't been the best one in awhile. It's tricky to even pour out what's going on so i'll try & share an example that could best be applied to everything else.

This morning i've decided to put on my old & torn jeans. Torn in the correct & intended places, just reminding. So i got to work & i knew i didn't look all that fab but i figured it's not unsightly so it might work out or the least, go unnoticed. But i got to work & someone asked if i 'got RAPED' a moment ago. Urm, self-explanatory.

Contrastingly though, Elfe came to visit me & through our phonecall i was beginning to suspect that she might put me through some sorta survey or something. Thankfully not, because it is Elfe afterall. She's all kinds of awesome, if you'd just allow me to reiterate. So we had our favourite soy latte, chatted & i got a lomo camera for Christmas. Awww..

Amazing, i can never explain to you how i always believe angels exist in the form of the people you love & care about. It's crazy that they surprise you just when you need them & they usually don't even know they've done that for you. Universal magic in the work. I cannot be more blessed.

Matters of the heart can be so delicate & so strange that it often materialises into something awful when it goes out of hand. Sometimes you don't know where you are & what exactly you're dealing with. And most times, you don't even mean it. Keep it together. Taking the time to forgive yourself could just be the mend to what's broken in your soul.

Keep calm, carry on.

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