Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Blue Hues & Black Swan

It's Wednesday! But i am just so blue. The office is almost empty & all my friends are scattered all over town going about their own business. By business i mean, shopping, chilling out, watching a movie, you get the drift right? What's left for me, you ask? There can only be the hourly attempts to chase the blues away. So far i've got all my old hip hop tracks on my ipod and that's good company alright? i mean, aiiiight?

In case you're hit by the same hues, watch this trailer (that is also if you haven't already). My god, how genius? I've got my eye patch on & the other one on this film for the weekend. Stoked!

A day and a half left to go & we're ready to unwind. Enjoy the day, good people!

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