Wednesday, January 19, 2011

dirt biking weekend

Yea, that's right. The word 'dirt' was just too seductive to my nature-hungry being at the time my cousin brought up the idea. So i gave it a go. It was my her birthday & i really want to give back to everyone who's been a huge part of my life, as best as i can. She wanted to try this & i thought, why not?
So we got on a bumboat & headed for the sleepy town of Pengerang just south of Desaru, Johor, Malaysia. Simple, quiet, laid-back & kampung food - perfect. I was in love. And what better way to visit such a place if not to try something new, right?
So i got a pitbike or a 'pocket bike'. Tiny like a little bicycle. Not my first time riding a bike but that didn't help one bit. I couldn't get the throttling right! Embarrassingly, my cousin locked it in within minutes! She was happily making her turns, trying different gears.

My man's zoomed off to a completely different course, leaving us newbies to learn around a cute little dirt loop. I'm thoroughly envious! But you know, i'm optimistic. Maybe even a dreamer. Someday soon, i want to ride with you on a big ass bike too!
As soon we got to the trail, i was so comfortable zooming everywhere! So much fun! So i won the challenge i made for myself. Hooray! I had a little accident though but you'll never hear of it. Haha.
Fun-filled weekend on the whole. I'll give it a 10 for everything. New experience, new skill, sleepy town, nature, friendly people, kampung lunch, amazing company & a very happy cousin. Looking forward to trying this out again & a little more constantly!

Hope everyone had a splendid weekend too & having a good week so far! I'm not in my element these past couple of days, i'm feeling really lethargic! Determined to be back in shape before the weekend. 3 more days everybody! Let's go!


Mimi said...

awesome, bb. ♥ girls who rough it out... alas, my time is over.

Schmolphin PsychoDevil said...

i love this!! N i have been wondering where I can pick it up!! Love this post!! Thanks babe! -liyana

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