Wednesday, January 12, 2011

4 questions to self : 2010/2011

My sweet readers,

If you hang out here with me long enough, you might~ remember that i posted 4 questions for myself to answer at the end of 2010 & i've decided that this will be a personal tradition for my life. Feel free to take on the idea if you find it a useful tool to measure your accomplishments, somehow. Here we go!

Questions to self:
Did you fulfill all your resolutions?
I'm happy to report that YES I managed to fulfill them all EXCEPT to get a driver's license. That's right, I feel like a total loser about it. As a consolation, all these resolutions are now a concrete foundation to take on 2011. So very contented. Stepping up the game for personal upgrade - mind, body & soul!

Have you quitted your bad habits?
Not entirely! I wouldn't say i didn't do very well either. I replaced a fancy list of bad habits with good ones. So to give you a better picture, out of 100%, i managed to rid 80%! (does anyone agree i deserve to binge on some chicken wings this weekend?)

Did you work hard and try to live a balanced life?
Indeed. Something i'm very proud of this year. My time was carefully given into good proportions & honestly, this is my favourite change about myself. I can cook whenever i feel like, blog, spend quality time with friends & family, read, do everything i love without sacrificing sleep, & even managed to squeeze in mini getaways. Looking forward to utilising this new skill further with plans to explore different avenues of self-upgrade. Hooray!

Are you happy?
Difficult. I am contented, does this count? But i'm working my way towards being wholly happy. I'm looking forward to answering this again at the end of this year.


I hope everyone had a fulfilling 2010. It's a new year full of chances to try again where we failed, to progress further from what we've accomplished, to take on new challenges, to be making a difference in the world, to ultimately be a better person. Year after year. Let's age with courage, grace, love, & wisdom.

4 questions to self for 2012:
Are you happy?
Did you fulfill all your resolutions (including a driver's license!)?
Are you truly living & your soul put together?
What did you do as a form of charity?

Full steam ahead, everybody!

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xmass.communication said...

hehe! here's the solution, babe! I saw these from other's blog :)

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